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Bangladesh Fresh Fruits Importer Association is not any political organization. This organization comprises people who import fresh fruits from foreign countries. The organization’s activities started in 2012; it was licensed as a nonprofit-making body by the TO branch of the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Bangladesh.

After independence, the industry took its first step toward the introduction phase, and Bangladesh Government mainly targeted the fruits import sector thinking of nutrition. Many importers started importing and faced many problems.

To solve collective problems and grievances in 2013, a thought entered the mind of a few prominent importers of the country to make a non-profit-making body for the betterment of importers. They conducted various studies, meetings, and seminars before taking this giant step, to form an importers’ association at the national level, to fulfill the requirements of importers in Bangladesh, to provide cost-effective imported fresh fruits to Bangladeshi consumers, and to protect importers and solve their innumerable problems.

Bangladesh Fresh Fruits Importer association is committed to acting as a catalyst of trade and commercial exchanges, to support the promotion of large varieties of fresh fruits to fulfill the needs of consumers in different segments of the economy of the Current Era

All the members of the Association have been importing fresh fruits from neighboring countries like India, china, Bhutan, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand etc with a good reputation for a long time. That is acting a leading role in fulfilling the nutrition of ordinary people in addition the government receives a lot of revenue from this sector. Bangladesh Fresh Fruits Importer Association is a nationally recognized organization. It has been established in coordination with traders of the country importing fresh fruits from foreign countries. The purpose of this organization is to promote them commercially from the side of the rights-deprived traders. Its main job is to provide consumers with accurate information about fresh fruit. Deliver fresh fruits to ordinary people at a reasonable price. Encourage importers not to import fruits from abroad that are unfamiliar, tasteless, and injurious to health to eat. Import fresh fruits with an import permit (IP) from the concerned office of the government per the rules. Try to make sure that consumers are not deceived at any phase. In the case of importing fresh fruits, the Government’s Import Permit (IP) issuing office should carefully issue the import permit (IP) by verifying it. Efforts are being made to facilitate import permits (IP) for fresh fruit importers. Decreasing revenue from fresh fruits imported from abroad, keeping fresh fruit from the list of luxury products taking into the list of essential commodities. Bangladesh is the leading agricultural country. Proper implementation of perfect planning techniques and contextual activities can take us through this traditional fruit of the search for light. Our collective approach is very much needed. Strengthen research of fruit, and management of mangroves nationwide, production and distribution of standardized fodder pens, production, and management of fruits by adopting modern techniques, the establishment of mixed and multifaceted fruit gardens, fruit market management, fruit export, fruit-based promotion, the establishment of fruit-based industry, fair, exhibition, and training, establishing a fruit mortar will do this jointly designed and of course the highest importance eye. Only then will the fruit-bearing fruit come out easily. To establish a fruit country, fruit planning, development of fruit varieties, production, marketing, and publicity campaigns must be done appropriately. Only then can we be proud. The result is almost all the nutrients needed to keep the human body healthy. Fruits are especially rich in various vitamins and minerals. Fruits are the best source of potassium, which is usually found less in other foods. Potassium is used to prevent kidney stones and reduces kidney failure. Fruit folic acid helps in the formation of blood cells. The fruit is unique in protecting the health of pregnant patients and restoring health. They require sufficient fatty acids or folic acid for their bodies. Taking fruit daily reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Some fruits reduce the risk of cancer. We will build a fruitful Bangladesh with all efforts.

The Association’s membership is voluntary and encompasses importers around the country; Business/Professional organizations; and Corporate Bodies. The Association champions the course of business through its advocacy role and influences public policies that promote free enterprise.